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“Home Sweet Home”
150mm × 150mm

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  1. 卧室里有一面我从未移动过的高镜子,我总是蹑手蹑脚地经过,瞥一眼镜子再看看自己。

  2. 客厅里没有吊灯,仔细观察天花板会发现已经拆除电路的痕迹,原因我并不清楚。

  3. 没有排气扇或窗户的浴室,总是充满了薄雾。

  4. 房东留下的植物,我偶尔会照料,已经茁壮成长了两年。

Home Sweet Home
150mm × 150mm

6 pages

This is a book about memories, a house, two strangers, three rooms, and four short stories. Apartment 17 was the place I lived during my time in London, and the peculiar details within the "home" became a virtual bond between me and the unfamiliar landlord.

1. The bedroom, with a tall mirror that I never moved, always tiptoed past, glancing at the mirror and at myself.

2. A living room without a pendant lamp, carefully observing the ceiling reveals traces of the removed circuit, for reasons unknown to me.

3. A bathroom without an exhaust fan or window, always filled with mist.

4. The plant left by the landlord, which I occasionally cared for, has thrived over two years.

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